Success through Visualization

With the upcoming tournament, many of my posts this month will be focused on preparing for competitions. Today we’ll take a look at one of the key ingredients of success: mental practice and visualization.

Visualization, or image training, is something many athletes (and other successful people) use to help them hone their mental focus, boost their confidence, and add to their performance. Image training aids your ability to believe in yourself and makes you more likely to perform for success.

Additionally, practicing for a competition  in your head may also help with performance/test/competition anxiety.

How does it work? To do image training, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself doing [insert goal here]. Replay the scenario in your mind, several times, and repeat daily. Use it before tests, use it to help break a bad habit, use it before a competition while you’re waiting on the sidelines. You must be able to visualize your success.

Especially for athletes, I see image training as a way of synchronizing your mind with your body. If your mind doesn’t believe your body can do what you want it to do, you’re going to be working against yourself, instead of with yourself. Seeing is believing.

Image training is also a great way to practice martial arts when you don’t have the space–so there should never be an excuse for not practicing! 🙂

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