Women’s Self Defense Seminars

We at Northwest School of Martial Arts don’t believe you have to be a martial artist to be able to defend yourself! In our women’s self defense classes, we teach simple, effective moves that may someday save your life.

NWSMA is a female-owned and operated martial arts school. The biggest benefit of having us teach a women’s self defense seminar is that you’ll get instruction from women, for women! We’re sensitive to your concerns about size, strength, and the types of situations women are more likely to face.

We periodically offer women’s self defense seminars and classes for the public. NWSMA women’s self defense seminars are designed for non-martial artists of all ages. We offer participating women a self defense stick keychain and safety handout.

“The self-defense tools I gained from attending a workshop through NWSMA helped me develop the mental and physical tools to protect myself, and look out for others. I learned to increase my awareness of surroundings, roleplay my verbal reaction if a stranger gets too close, and follow up with a physical defense, if it comes to that.” –Jana

Upcoming seminars:

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If you own a business or are part of an organization and are interested in booking a private self defense seminar, please email nwschoolofmartialarts@gmail.com. Prices for self defense seminars vary, depending on the group size, location, and length of the class.

Owner & Chief Instructor Doris Eastbury feels passionately about teaching women how to defend themselves and their loved ones.

SBN/Sensei Doris leading the class through knee kicks.

“When I lived in Morocco, I had a couple situations where men came up to me and got in my personal space, attempting to get me to go somewhere with them. All I had to use was a hard, loud tone of voice and strong eyes, and they very quickly decided it was better to leave me alone! I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t had self defense training.” —Sensei/YDN Caitlin, NWSMA Instructor & Student

“Years ago, there was a mom who had her kids in our karate program. She went down to the river to pick blackberries and got attacked by two men. She’d never taken a class, but she imitated the moves she had seen her kids doing. She was able to get away.

I’ve had my own experiences too. Once, a guy jumped out of the bushes in broad daylight and grabbed me from behind. I just reacted as I’d been taught, and he went down, which was enough for me to get away safely.” —SBN/Sensei Doris