6 Ways to Martial Arts Success


black belts
What happens in black belt class, stays in black belt class… 😛

Many people join martial arts looking for success. Sometimes they want to succeed at developing character, or at school. Sometimes they want to succeed at tournaments. Sometimes they want to make it to black belt.

But a lot of people quit before they reach their goal. I’ve heard masters say 1 in 100 makes it to black belt. (Side note–let’s change this! Not by making it easier, but by making ourselves better instructors, better leaders, better motivators). 

We instructors spend a lot of time thinking about why people quit. While there’s certainly many answers to that, I’d rather not dwell on it. Instead, I’ve come up with a list of attitudes–ways of thinking–that I think will help martial artists of ANY style.

If you can find these within yourself, then you have the keys to success. So get out there and do it! (and click “more” for the rest of the article!!)