Wondering how much it costs to join Northwest School of Martial Arts, your family Stanwood martial arts school?

Monthly Tuition (no contract):

  • $94/month, 7 years & up, unlimited
  • NWSMA accepts 5 & 6 year-olds only after evaluating their readiness to learn during a free trial class. We reserve the right to ask prospective students to wait until age 7 before training with us.

Tuition is nonrefundable. Payments due by the 5th of the month. $5 late fee for payments received after the 5th of the month.

New Student Enrollment Fee: Includes 1 uniform & 1 requirements manual per person. Family members who enroll on different dates will pay as individual students.

  • $69/1 student
  • $79/two family members
  • $109/three or more family members

Family Discounts (Tuition Only)

  • 2 family members = $178/month ($94 + $84)
  • 3 family members = $242/month ($94 + $84 + $64)

Additional Requirements Manual: Request via email (students only).

Basic Required Gear

  • All required gear can be purchased at the dojo. We reserve the right to inspect any equipment purchased from another source. We also reserve the right to ask you not to use equipment purchased from another source.
  • All students wear a white uniform. Assistant instructors and black belts may wear a black uniform.
  • Starting at blue belt in karate and green belt in TKD, students must own their own sparring gear. Required gear includes:
    • Mouthpiece ($3)
    • Handpads (usually $15)
    • Groin guard (optional in class/student assumes all risk, required at tournaments for males)
  • Weapons (not required): we keep a stock of Arnis sticks and bo staffs which can be borrowed during class.

All information and costs subject to change without notice.