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6 Classroom Management Tips for Martial Arts Instructors


Classroom management isn’t just for public school teachers. These 6 classroom management tips for martial arts instructors will help you take your teaching game to the next level!

No matter what they teach, teachers find ways to ensure that their classroom runs smoothly. Good classroom management should also help a teacher prevent disruptions before they occur.

Effective classroom management techniques ensure that your students spend the maximum amount of time doing what they love: practicing martial arts.

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Benefits of Martial Arts LIFESKILLS

Lifeskills: Martial Arts, Patience, Willpower

Black belts

Here’s the latest in my 2015 Lifeskills series. In a series of blogs, I’ll examine which skills are cultivated by martial arts OTHER THAN kicking and punching. Skills like resilience, patience, and performing under pressure, which can help anyone in other areas of their life.

The Marshmellow Test is a Stanford study which showed that the ability to resist temptation, even at a young age, had far-reaching effects on everything from grades to salary.

To put it simply, patience matters.

So what does martial arts have to do with being patient?

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