4. Sensei Jasmine

1. How long have you been training in the martial arts? Why did you start?

“I have been training in martial arts for the past 8 years. I started at Northwest School of Martial Arts as a kid who needed something to do. I wasn’t involved in anything then and I wanted to discover something I was passionate about. So, I tried martial arts and I’ve been hooked ever since!”

2. Have you ever used your martial arts outside of class?

“No. Fortunately, I have never been put in a situation where I have neeeded to use my martial arts. Martial arts has definitely guided my life, though. As I progressed through the ranks and began to help teach, I found that I really enjoyed instructing. I love working with kids and watching them grow as people and martial artists. Being a part of this process is so wonderful and important to me that I am now pursuing a physical education degree at Western Washington University so I can become a PE teacher. Northwest School of Martial Arts opened my eyes to what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

3. What was the biggest obstacle you have overcome since you began training?

“For me personally, the biggest obstacle I have overcome since I began training is low confidence levels. I was really timid and shy before joining Northwest School of Martial Arts. And although it didn’t happen overnight, I have grown much more confident and sure of myself. Through martial arts, I have matured into somebody that is capable of expressing herself and handling confrontation.”

Sensei Jasmine has been with NWSMA since 2005 and has a 1st degree black belt in all 3 of our styles (Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis). She is currently attending Western Washington University to become a PE teacher.