Why Choose NWSMA?

Looking for NW School of Martial Arts reviews? Check out what our students and parents have to say about NWSMA!

Happy family all blinged up!
Tim & the boys all blinged up!

“After watching my two youngest boys train at NWSMA for about a month I decided to give it a try to spend more time with them. I found I really enjoyed the training and camaraderie. The teaching staff have struck a great balance between encouragement and pushing all ages to do their best. Whatever your reasons for giving NWSMA a chance, I promise you will find more reasons to stay.” –Tim B., NWSMA student & parent

Even if they're taller than you, it's okay to give safety reminders. :)
Laurie with her son Yousif.

“Doris Eastbury is one of the guiding lights in my son Yousif’s life. A decade ago, I hoped that martial arts would give my very busy little boy an outlet for his boundless energy and teach him discipline. I wanted his character addressed as much as self defense taught.

Any expectations I had have been exceeded. Doris Eastbury identifies a student’s strengths and helps them meet high standards without pressure; she inspires and instructs them want to be and do their best not for her benefit but for theirs. Her attention to safety, character building, and earned skills has played a massive role in the development of my son Yousif’s character. I cannot count the compliments I get about how mature, confident, respectful, and disciplined my 16 year old son is; I am grateful to Doris for playing the part of teacher, mentor and role model.

The day Yousif earned his 1st degree black belt, he told me this, “Mom, I’ve never wanted anything so bad and got it and knew I earned it 100%.” That’s because Doris doesn’t hand out belts for self-esteem purposes; in the true martial arts tradition, belts signify readiness, maturity, honor and respect.

One more thing, it’s not just my child that I witness with these traits. All of the NWSMA students exhibit respect, discipline, confidence, and remain humble. Stanwood -Camano is beyond fortunate to have a world class instructor like Doris Eastbury.” –Laurie Wheeler, NWSMA parent

Helen and Sempai Yousif doing "sticky hands," a form of low impact sparring.
Helen and Sempai Yousif doing “sticky hands,” a form of low impact sparring.

“When my great-grandson Cyrus was 4 years old, he had a temper and I thought Karate would help. It did–he has been in 7 years and is doing very well. His brother Konnar has been in 3 years. I started 3 years ago as well, 5 months after I had back surgery.

For my great-grandsons, Karate helps them learn respect, self-control, and also how to get along with different age groups, which are lifelong skills. For me, I’m unable to do everything, but Karate helps keep up my strength and agility, keeps me younger! I love that at NWSMA, I can do as much as I am able to do, while the younger ones are shown how to improve themselves.”

–Helen, student and great-grandmother of two NWSMA students

What others have to say:

“Wow. 23 years ago Doris and I started Karate together in Stanwood. My life has taken me to another part of the state but those first 6 years of karate will always hold a very special place in my heart. I’m so proud of Doris and Deanne for keeping the dream alive! Oss!!” –Doug R.