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Black Belt Essay: What It Is and What It Takes by Kassidi

Kassidi is a provisional black belt candidate for 1st degree. Here’s her black belt essay on what it means to be(come) a black belt. Through her training, Kassidi has learned how to be persistent. Her black belt essay reveals a little of what it’s taken for her to make the long journey to black belt.

Although she mentions making mistakes, tough times, & getting knocked down, she also emphasizes that black belts respond by getting back up and handling the negative with grace, self-control, and perseverance.

Here’s Kassidi working with some of our intermediate students!

“Black Belt: What It Is and What It Takes” by Kassidi

“The black belt around my waist does not represent who I am. It represents who I can be.”

My journey to black belt was not an easy one.

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Lifeskills: Martial Arts and Balance (literally, figuratively)

balance 4

Howdy, folks! Here’s another entry in my 2015 blog series on “Lifeskills.” In other words, what are the skills that we teach our martial arts students that transfer over and apply to other areas in life?

  • Respect, performance skills, confidence, resilience, leadership, balance, the ability to handle pressure, etc. ALL of these can be used ANY time to meet school, work, and life goals.

Today, I’m going to talk about martial arts balance. Literally. Figuratively. Click that “more” link!