NWSMA Black Belt Hall of Fame

NW School of Martial Arts’ “Black Belt Hall of Fame” is a special gallery for our students who have earned black belts, but for some reason are not a part of the current teaching staff at NWSMA.

Some of them are at college and only drop in occasionally. Some of them have moved out of the city/state. Some of them have moved on to other life pursuits after receiving their black belts.

No matter the circumstances, they are members of the dojo family and an important part of the lifeblood and legacy of NWSMA.

black belts
What happens in black belt class, stays in black belt class… 😛

We think it’s important to preserve their words and stories, so that others may see the TRUE quality of black belt at NWSMA!

Sempai Connor, Instructor & 1st Degree.

Sempai Miya, 1st Degree.

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