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Style Highlight: Pencak Silat

In my last style highlight, I talked a little bit about the “origin” of martial arts. Basically, I said that forms of combat, armed and unarmed, have existed as long as human conflict has existed.

Last time, we looked a bit at Kalaripattayu, an Indian martial art. Pencak silat, or just silat, is considered an umbrella term for Indonesian martial arts. Meaning that there are a lot of styles which fit into silat.

Instructor Resources

Learning Styles Adults vs Children

learning styles adults vs children
NW School of Martial Arts students doing a group activity.

I believe teaching is a skill. It comes more easily to some than others. But with time and effort, it can be developed just like any other muscle.

In a martial arts school, an instructor may be dealing with both adults and children. Sometimes, like at our school, adults and children are in the same class. This post talks about the differences between adults and children and offers a bit of advice for how to handle that in class.

Black Belt Candidate Essays

Black Belt: What It Is and What It Takes by Caitlin

Caitlin (who is different from the site author) is a provisional black belt candidate for 1st degree. She and her younger sister have been with NWSMA for about a decade. Here is her essay about what it means to become a black belt!

black belt
Black belt candidate Caitlin smiles for the camera!

“Black Belt: What It Is and What It Takes” by Caitlin

When you think of a black belt, what is it that you think of?  Well if you’re like most people, you think of a black belt as someone who, obviously, wears a black belt and is good at martial arts.  If you’ve watched movies with people like Bruce Lee in them, you even have a visual.  These things all are parts of what a black belt does and wears, even what they can sometimes become, but not what they are.

General Instructor Resources Musings

Sweating the Details, AKA Why Your Instructor is So Picky

Anyone who’s said, “Don’t sweat the details,” has probably never met any martial arts instructors.

martial arts instructors
Sensei checks a student’s posture in class.

Perfectionist martial arts instructors are common, especially in karate styles. (Don’t we know it!) They seem to love watching you sweat as you try again and again to get each little thing right. All at the same time.

If you’ve ever thought, “WHY are the details so important?” or “Does it really matter if I do it this way or that way?” then this article is for you.