Arnis at NWSMA

Our Stanwood Arnis Program at Northwest School of Martial Arts!

Arnis in action. (Credit: Bec Thomas Photography,

About Arnis

Arnis is one of three Filipino martial arts that use of a pair of short sticks. Arnis is considered a “soft style” martial art. Arnis techniques are very useful for street defense. Students are taught to redirect their opponent’s motion and use it against them, instead of meeting force with force. Arnis complements both Tae Kwon Do and Karate, which are “hard styles.”

In teaching Arnis, we aim to make our students more well-rounded martial artists by giving them a variety of self-defense tactics to choose from. Weapons training is a great tool for honing reflexes and increasing coordination. Because weapons have increased range and speed, they work to train reflexes faster than empty hand martial arts alone.

Our Style

Our Modern Arnis curriculum comes complete with a belt ranking system. Belts are earned alongside Karate and Tae Kwon Do rankings. You will learn the use of single and double sticks to strike, block, disarm and spar. You will also learn open hand techniques useful for street and self-defense. This includes joint locks and control holds. Like all of our programs, Arnis is progressive. Simple moves are taught first, and we build up to more complex applications.

Upper level students also study more weapons. We teach dagger techniques and disarms, long bo or bo staff, short and long swords. We do not use “live” bladed weapons in practice; we use only wooden or rubber practice weapons. We have plenty of sticks for beginners to borrow. Upper belts may want buy their own for practicing at home.


Sabumnim Eastbury tested under Master Remy Presas, the founder of modern Arnis. All of our black belts hold rank in Modern Arnis. Arnis is taught alongside our Karate and Tae Kwon Do curriculum. We teach it during regular class hours. We also occasionally host guest instructors to teach seminars in Arnis.

Arnis demonstration
Arnis demonstration. (Credit: Bec Thomas Photography,
Bo staff technique.
Bo staff technique. (Credit: Bec Thomas Photography,