Health Policy

Health/Covid Policy as of March 12, 2022:

  • Students and spectators may choose to wear or not wear a mask. 
  • EXCEPTION: if a student or spectator shows up to class and is actively coughing (more than 2 episodes in a class or wet/deep/productive/gross~ coughs), we will give you a mask to wear for the rest of class.
  • If you are actively sneezing/coughing, please stay home, especially if you are not willing to wear a mask if asked.
  • If you truly feel fine or maybe you have sneezes/coughs due to allergies, please wear a mask to class. 1-2 light coughs an hour is not a problem; any more than that and you will be provided with a mask to wear.
  • Mask-wearing in cases of active sneezing/coughing–regardless of cause–is typical and considered courteous behavior in Japanese culture. We are choosing to make this a part of our dojo culture.
  • Students may choose to vary their use of masks (e.g. not for warmups but for the rest of class, or just for self-defense drills, or on some days but not other days).
  • No one will comment on mask wearing OR non-mask-wearing, except instructors/assistant instructors in cases of excessive sneezing/coughing in class.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbows and keep your hands out of your mouths. If you do not, we will ask you to wash or sanitize.
  • Continue to stay home until 48 hours have passed from symptoms of illness.
  • No class size or length limits.
  • Students may attend freely, including coming at various times/days or staying for multiple classes, if eligible.
  • No physical distancing requirements.
  • Students will be expected to participate in contact activities with non-household members.
  • We will continue to utilize assistant instructors.
  • No limit on spectators.
  • We will continue to have at least 1 door or window open, except in cases of strong winds or cold/hot temperatures (generally speaking, below 36/above 79).
  • Parents of youth & adult students are responsible for ensuring hand sanitization/washing before and after class. Sanitizer and soap will continue to be available.