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A (Student-Generated) List of Ways to Show Effort in Class


I was cleaning out files, and I found an exercise I had my classes do about a year ago.

I sat the class down and explained that I wasn’t inside their heads. I couldn’t tell what they were thinking, unless they told me with words or acted a certain way.

We broke out into groups. I gave each group a sheet of paper and assigned a scribe. Together, the group created a list of “Ways to Show Effort in Class.” 

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Martial Arts


Maybe you’re new to martial arts. Maybe, you’re a long-term student and you’ve hit a plateau.

Either way, my 3 tips for getting the most out of your martial arts class will help you reflect on the process. Are you really doing what it takes to get the most out of your martial arts class?

And what does it really take to get good? Get better? Get past the plateau in your training?

Ultimately, the control is in your hands. You need patience, goals, and mental presence in class. Click “read more” to find out why!