Benefits of Martial Arts

Language Learning: One of the Least-Discussed Benefits of Martial Arts

Look at any martial arts website, and you’ll often find a list of benefits of martial arts. No matter the source, the lists of benefits are usually pretty accurate.

However, something I have never seen mentioned is the benefit of learning a foreign language.

Benefits of Martial Arts Learning a Language
Vocab study notes on a sticky note are great to attach to a mirror or cupboard so you can look at them every day!

In martial arts, often, it is required for the student to learn vocabulary in a foreign language. The actual language depends on the art. It can be as simple as learning to count to ten, or as complicated as learning to recite dojo creeds in another language.

Granted, the instructor may not be a native speaker. But generally speaking, exposure to a foreign language at a young age does cool stuff to the brain.

Additionally, martial arts is a kinetic activity, involving movement. By learning in a way that connects language with movement, children may also become more flexible learners.