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Women’s Self-Defense Class – Sept 28

Taught by women for women, our September 28th Women’s Self-Defense Class is a great class for women ages 13 & up! Scroll down for time, location, and price. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Books for Bikes charity.

Doris Eastbury, owner & chief instructor of NW School of Martial Arts, will be teaching the class. Doris is a 4th degree black belt with over 25 years of martial arts experience–and has a story or two to tell about why women need self-defense skills!

SBN/Sensei Doris (on the right) with Irna.
Sensei Doris (right) with Irna, a karate mom.

Class content includes:

  • “5 A’s” of self defense;
  • Walking with confidence: posture & body language tips;
  • How to effectively use your voice;
  • Decision-making: thinking through a self defense situation;
  • Simple, effective release & escapes from standing grabs and holds;
  • What to do if you get knocked to the ground;
  • Simple, effective strikes against vital targets.

Protecting yourself shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. We keep the techniques simple, and we break information down into easy-to-remember points (like the 5 A’s and a girl’s best 3 weapons).

Sempai Jasmine as a brown belt.
Jasmine takes down her partner. You go girl!

NWSMA female black belts will be on hand to assist and answer questions. Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for you to learn self-defense that may someday help you escape from a threatening situation.

  • Date: Saturday, September 28th, 2013 from 12:00-2:00pm
  • Location: Stanwood Masonic Hall (downtown Stanwood)
  • Ladies 13 years & up are welcome. 🙂
  • Price: Back-to-School Special of $47 (normally valued at $97)
  • Bring a friend (or two) and you both will receive a 25% discount, making the price just $35/person!!
  • Participants will receive a safety handout and a self-defense stick keychain.
  • Contact us to reserve your spot. Pay on the day of, cash or check please.

The ladies in our most recent seminar really enjoyed talking and sharing experiences. Self-defense skills are truly priceless. We’d love to help you gain the confidence and knowledge that could protect you and your loved ones.

See you there!

2 replies on “Women’s Self-Defense Class – Sept 28”

My daughter, Julie Holmes, and I would like to sign up/register for the women’s self defense class. How do we do it? How do we pay or can we pay the day of the event?

Hi, Charlene! I’ll send you a more detailed email here in a moment. The short answer is all you have to do is tell us you’re coming, and yes, you can pay on the day of the event. 🙂 –Sensei Caitlin

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