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We’ve been announcing all of this in class this week, but here are upcoming NWSMA events.

New Student Recruitment 

How it works: If you refer a new student, you will receive a $10 dollar gift certificate to the Century catalog after the new student has attended two months of classes. For each certificate you get, you will also be entered into a raffle drawing for the Grand Prize: a tapered, lightweight, decorated 5’ BO. It’s really snazzy! The drawing will take place in early February.

Grade Competition 2013

How it works: Bring in a copy of your second report card for this school year. The student with the highest marks for their grade level will receive a special patch to place on their uniform sleeve. All students who earn straight A’s will achieve a deluxe Academic Achievement patch (a bigger patch) to place on their uniform.

Book-a-thon Dec 2012-Jan 2013

How it works: At the end of January, we’re going to total the number of books the school reads. For each book read, Sempai D will do one pushup and Sempai C will spend 10 seconds in horse stance.

Book-a-thon sheets will be handed out December 1st. When you finish a book, record it on your sheet, along with the date and page count. Books that you read for school DO count if they meet page requirements. Don’t forget to have an adult initial it (unless you are an adult)! Sheets are due January 31st or February 1st.

Books must be at least 50 pages for elementary schoolers, 100 pages for middle schoolers, 200 pages for high schoolers, and 250 pages for adults.(Books less than the required length will not count). If you are not reading chapter books yet (K-2nd grade), 1 hour of time spent reading will count as 1 book.

If the school’s page total reaches 5,000 pages, Sempai C will wear a white belt for two days. If you all read over 7,000 pages, Sempai C will wear a white belt for a week. And, if you guys read more than 10,000 pages, Sempai C will wear a white belt for two whole weeks! (But you still have to follow her instructions!)

The student who reads the most pages for their age group (elementary, middle, high school, adults), will receive one free hour-long private class with the instructor of their choice.

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