Arnis Seminar

Thanks to Sabumnim for teaching the Arnis seminar!

We spent a lot of time on empty hand drills in both the beginner and advanced seminars, so the photos mostly show our students practicing joint locks and control holds. Arnis is a self-defense oriented art, and anything you do with a stick also holds empty hand application, hence the focus on empty hand defense.

A few important points from the seminar:

-“It’s all the same.” If it works, it works. Wise words from the Professor (Master Remy Presas).

-There are good and bad martial artists, not good and bad martial arts. Different styles just have different things they focus on or prefer.

-Good pain is exercise and muscle pain: pushups, situps, waiting stance, etc. It makes you stronger. Bad pain is pain that indicates injury: joint damage, tendon inflammation, etc. Respect the TAP when doing partner drills.

-Never turn your back on someone who is trying to kill you with (insert weapon here).

-Arnis is a soft style. Soft styles don’t meet force with force. Redirecting and using your opponent’s momentum against him/her is the preferred (and perfectly valid) method for confronting force.

-Arnis is a progressive art. This means that you start with something basic, but can build up to more and more complex applications.


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