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Summer Martial Arts Training & Why It’s So Important for Children

Summer is tough for martial arts students and instructors alike. It’s hot. It’s sunny. And guess what? There’s no school! It’s so tough to sleep in and–

Wait, what’s that you say? No school? NO SCHOOL!

No school = more time to spend practicing martial arts and working hard for your next rank…….right?

Your instructors would love to see you in class over the summer. We’re not telling you to skip family vacation, (as much as some of you teenagers might like to). Family time is important, and *short* breaks are good for rest and re-focus. Or practicing your forms in an exotic location.

Let us explain why summer martial arts training is so crucial.

Summer is a great time to exclusively focus on martial arts. Students who attend class over the summer show higher levels of progress, achieving stripes/belts quicker than during the school year. It makes sense; they aren’t trying to focus on math, English, science, history, Spanish, art, science team, piano, soccer, AND martial arts.

None of those things are bad. (Except maybe the math part).

During the school year, there are a lot of things that demand kids’ focus. During the summer, that number of things decreases, letting them put more effort into fewer things.

Effort in martial arts always leads to quicker development of skill and achievement of rank.

Martial arts, much like math, is a cumulative, progressive study. It relies on building good, basic foundations. Taking the summer off from martial arts can result in students having to “re-learn” old techniques.

Setbacks are often a belt rank or more, and we have to get them back up to speed before we move them forward. It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

On top of that, for the sake of building character and teaching perseverance, dedication, and commitment, regular attendance over the summer is a must. Help your kids get motivated for class! By helping them take summer martial arts seriously, they experience these vital life lessons.

So, before you decide whether to take the summer off, ask yourself:

  • Am I/is my child working hard for my next rank? Do I/they enjoy coming to class most of the time?
  • Am I/is my child a person who needs a regular (fitness) schedule to stay disciplined and on-track?
  • Do my kids get a little stir-crazy during the summer? Do they need to get out of the house?
  • Do I want to teach my children important life lessons?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we’ll see you in class this summer! (And if you’re taking a long vacation, talk to us about options for pro-rating your monthly tuition).

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