Summer Camp 2014 & How Incredible Your Kids Are

NWSMA Summer Camp 2014

Wanna hear about how awesome & inspiring Summer Camp 2014 was? Click that “more” link!!!! 


Just wow.

I have to say, this has been one of the best camps I have ever seen.

Sure, we tried new food:

Korean banchan, or side dishes, made by one of our moms, yum yum!!
Korean banchan, or side dishes, made by one of our moms, yum yum!!

And yeah, we had a giant water balloon fight:

They just can't wait for the fight to start!
They just can’t wait for the fight to start!

Oh, and we played “Duck Duck Goose” and “Snakes on a Plane:”

Duck Duck Goose--their favorite game. :)
Duck Duck Goose–their favorite game. 🙂

But, the real triumphs were in those small moments, inspiring moments like these:

  • A friend forgot his lunch, and everyone happily offered him something from their own lunch. Way to share and help out!
  • Using self-control and learning to say, “Maybe next time,” when we didn’t win a game or get chosen to be Sensei’s helper.
  • A mom cooked us some Korean dishes. Not only did the kids try (almost) everything, a whole bunch of them went up and thanked her without me asking them to do so. Wowza.
  • Including others in games and play & peacefully solving disagreements.
  • Helping others when they were struggling with a technique–and learning not to give up, even when we were tired, hungry, or missing mom. 🙂
  • Not complaining about cleaning or picking up trash around the hall.
  • Taking all of our belongings with us when we left for the day.
  • Donating a huge amount of school supplies to a local charity, and helping sort the items at the charity.

NWSMA parents, you are raising some awesome leaders! Huge compliments to you AND to the campers on a smooth, fun, and educational week!!

Getting ready to walk our donations down the street!

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