The 3 Easiest Tournament Prep Tips EVER

Here are my 3 easiest tournament prep tips for the week before a tournament! Hopefully my tips will help you calm your nerves & enjoy a stress-free week before the competition begins.

John Michael poses in a cat stance during his form.
John Michael poses in a cat stance during his form.

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1. Eat and sleep.

An apple a day…

Eat: You’re an athlete. Eat like one. If you haven’t already, just for a week, ditch the junk food. Ditch the soda. Fuel your body with healthy foods. You’ll feel better and your body will work more efficiently.

Sleep: Get plenty of it, especially if you’ll be up early for travel. Your brain and body will function better on good sleep. You’ll also be less stressed.

2. Stretch every day.

Stretching in class.

You should do this every day anyway, but it might be time to update the habit. Stretching prevents injury & helps relax your muscles. Stretching before your tournament will also help you kick high in competition!

3. Every time you think about the tournament, smile!

Grinning with their trophies after a tournament.
Grinning with their trophies after a tournament.

Every time you catch the tournament sneaking into your thoughts, smile! This is a great trick to get your positive attitude flowing. Don’t dwell on your nerves, stress, or anything negative. Just smile!

It’s really that easy!

Feel free to comment & share any other easy, week-before tips for tournament competitors!

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