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Bring Your Best to Get the Most Out of Martial Arts Training

get the most out of martial arts
NWSMA youth class in action!

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of martial arts class, read on.

Have you ever come to class, only to find that you felt weak, tired, unfocused, grumpy, stressed, or just not in the mood?

It happens to us all the time. Whatever went on during the day, the leftover emotions are sometimes still present when we tie our belt and bow in.

How can you do your best when you’re not in the mood for class?

Well, short answer is, you can’t. At least not easily.

This is why mental discipline is so important. You have to have the ability to tell your racing mind to quiet itself. Why?

Class is probably the only hour of the day you get to dedicate to training. For that one hour, allow yourself to leave your worries at the door.

That is, if you want to get the most value out of the hour.

And let’s face it. One hour is only 4% of your day.

So when you get into class, and something’s bugging you, you have a choice to make.

Make it consciously. During warmups, think to yourself, “Okay, I’m going to let go of *whatever* and just focus on class. Focus only on class. Focus on making myself better. Knee lower, pull back faster, kick more precise.”

Whatever it is, find a single thing to focus on and let that be your anchor. If you can do that, you’re on the right track.

If it’s hard sometimes, hey, we’re only human. We can only do our best. And that’s all we instructors ask of you.

If you let your day get in the way of that one hour, you’re not only cheating yourself out of what is possible, you’re also letting other things win.

Get the most out of martial arts training by being *present* and focused, as much as you are able.

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