See Our Ad in the Crab Cracker?

If you saw our ad in the Crab Cracker, click “Read More” for new student information and FAQs. Also, check out our About Us section.

For the holidays, we’re running an introductory special for new students. 2 months + 1/2 off the 3rd month, and free uniform for new students who sign up in December 2012 or January 2013. Offer expired.

Beyond Black Belt

What happens after you earn a black belt?

Some students can’t see beyond black belt. This type of student often quits after getting their black belt.

What is the meaning of the belt if it just sits on your shelf?

I have two thoughts to share with new (and maybe not-so-new) black belts.  Continue reading

Weekly Update 11/26-12/1

Normal week! Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat are all business as usual. Friday is pizza night. Woo-hoo! $5/person.

Weekly challenge: practice your newest form at least two times each day this week.

Beginning December 1st: New Student Recruitment, Crab Cracker special (applies only to new students who sign up in Dec and Jan), and Book-a-thon. Book-a-thon sheets will be handed out Friday.

The Masons are still running food and toy drives in December. Donated goods will stay in the Stanwood community. Help a neighbor in need–bring in your donations today! Big thanks to those who have already donated!

Weekly Update 11/19-11/24 Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from the NWSMA staff!

Weekly Challenge: memorize all of your required kicks in Japanese or Korean!

Class Schedule: Mon and Sat are normal. Wed and Thurs classes are cancelled. Students who attend once a week: whenever there are cancellations, please feel free to drop in on any day that is not your “normal” day.

Friday is a special 1.5 hour class (5:30-7 pm) with guest instructor Sensei Louis!!! (I hope I’m spelling his name right…) Invited students are: any student age 13 & up, Tae Kwon Do green belts and above, and Karate purple belts and above. Wear your full uniform!

Sensei Louis is a fabulous instructor who normally works with adult students, so please check with us if you are unsure if you can/should attend this class. If you are not participating, you are still welcome to come observe. :)

The Masons’ food and toy drives are continuing past Thanksgiving and into December, so continue to bring in donations! Breakfast at the Masons is Sunday, November 25, from 9-11 am. $7 all-you-can-eat, and help support our landlords!

The Value of Struggle

One of my teaching colleagues posted an NPR piece today on Facebook and it got me to thinking. You can read the full article here, but basically the idea is that when given an impossible math problem, East Asian students spend more time tackling it, trying again and again to solve it, when American students Continue reading

Weekly Update 11/12-11/17 2012

Normal class Mon, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Wed 11/14 is cancelled due to another event being held at the hall. Saturday 11/17 will be normal class, but the afternoon Arnis seminar has been cancelled. We are working on rescheduling with our guest instructor.

November cancellations: 21, 22.

The Masons are running a food and toy drive, so if you have any donations to contribute, please bring them in! The donations go to the Stanwood food bank, so it’s a great opportunity to help out our neighbors and community.