Monday Musing: The Importance of Form

Forms. Patterns. Hyung, kata, poomsae, teul.¬†Whatever you call it, you’ve probably learned a few. And you’ve probably also learned that nothing frosts your instructor’s cupcakes like when students forget their forms.

Today I’d like to talk about the importance of form.

What I don’t want to do is get into that pesky form vs. sparring discussion, which is a huge and controversy-inducing topic in the martial arts world. Both are valuable in their own right.

A martial art without forms is like Continue reading

The Value of Struggle

One of my teaching colleagues posted an NPR piece today on Facebook and it got me to thinking. You can read the full article here, but basically the idea is that when given an impossible math problem, East Asian students spend more time tackling it, trying again and again to solve it, when American students Continue reading

Weekly Update 11/12-11/17 2012

Normal class Mon, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Wed 11/14 is cancelled due to another event being held at the hall. Saturday 11/17 will be normal class, but the afternoon Arnis seminar has been cancelled. We are working on rescheduling with our guest instructor.

November cancellations: 21, 22.

The Masons are running a food and toy drive, so if you have any donations to contribute, please bring them in! The donations go to the Stanwood food bank, so it’s a great opportunity to help out our neighbors and community.

Weekly Update: 11/05-11/10 2012

Normal class M-F. Saturday class is cancelled for the tournament at TMA Overlake. We will be meeting at the dojo to caravan down. Talk to Sensei or Sempai Yudajanim for directions, time, etc, and read over the rules this week in preparation.

Cancellations for the month of November: 14, 21, 22. Saturday the 17th is normal, but the afternoon Arnis seminar has been cancelled.