Wondering how much it costs to join Northwest School of Martial Arts, your family Stanwood martial arts school?


Payments are due by the 5th of the month. $5 late fee for payments received after the 5th of the month. Tuition (including payments made in advance) is nonrefundable.

New Student Enrollment Fee: Includes 1 uniform & 1 requirements manual per person. Family members who enroll on different dates will pay as individual students.

  • $59/1 student
  • $79/two family members
  • $90/three or more family members

Monthly Tuition:

  • $79/month, 7 years & up, unlimited
  • 4-6 year-olds will be assessed for best placement/schedule & tuition will be decided based on the student’s placement.

Discounts: Family members who enroll at different times can receive family discounts.

  • 2 family members = $148/month ($79 + $69)
  • Pay up front for 3-6-12 months and receive 5-10-15% off! (nonrefundable)

Additional Requirements Manual: $10/one book, $15/two books, $25/three books.

Basic Required Gear

  • All required gear can be purchased from Sensei. Weapons are optional.
  • All students wear a white uniform. Assistant instructors and black belts may wear a black uniform.
  • School T-shirts: $18/shirt, tax incl. Shirt colors go with belt rank. Black belts may wear any color; white belts can only wear white or grey.
  • Starting at blue belt in karate and green belt in TKD, students are required to have sparring gear. Required gear includes:
    • Mouthpiece. ($3)
    • Handpads. (usually $15)
    • Groin guard for gentlemen. (optional in class/student assumes all risk, required at tournaments)
  • Weapons (all optional): We teach Arnis, bo staff, dagger, short sword, and sai. We have plenty of weapons to borrow. We recommend higher ranked students purchase their own weapons for practice outside of class.

Questions can be sent to us via the “Send Us an Email” tab or you can call:

Phone number

All information and costs subject to change without notice.

Northwest School of Martial Arts aims to be an affordable Stanwood martial arts school. We don’t believe income level should prevent students from training with us. We have a few small scholarships available. Talk to the chief instructor if you need alternative payment options.

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