Weekly Update: 6/10-6/15

Wed, June 12 is cancelled as per normal (2nd Wed of every month is always cancelled). The rest of the week is on regular schedule, Mon, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. The Sensational Spring Cleaning Sale is on with plenty of discounted goodies.

Please fill out a survey regarding class times at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XGNR3Y8 if you haven’t already.

Demo at PSMS on FRIDAY. Thursday afternoon class will include dress rehearsal. Arrive at PSMS by 8am on Friday morning.

Reminder: When you see a new student in class, make sure to introduce yourself! Also be sure to welcome back to our errant black belts/college students who will be dropping by throughout the summer!

Summer Bingo has begun!

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Board Breaking Seminar **CANCELLED**

Board Breaking Seminar has been **CANCELLED** due to low turnout. It seems like a lot of you are busy, being the end of school and all, so we’ll reschedule it for a better time. :)

Those of you who have already paid for the seminar: We can issue you a refund OR you may apply the $20 towards your next month’s tuition. PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.

Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

SBN/Sensei’s Spring Sale & Sensational SURVEY

Please excuse the excessive alliteration. :) Here is the survey you’ve all been waiting for! Please give us your feedback regarding class times!

Click here to take survey

ALSO–SBN/Sensei Doris did a “Spring Cleaning” of her inventory, and the following items have been discounted and are for sale! First come, first served.

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Donation Wish List for Summer Camp 2013

We’re planning some awesome stuff for summer camp, and we need donations! We WILL accept lightly used/leftover items from at home, so clean out that junk drawer!

My giant bingo board in progress.

Take a look at the Wish List and see what you might have laying around unused. We’ll have a collection box in class. After camp is over, we intend to re-donate to a local classroom, charity, or youth group.

  • Bits of patterned wrapping paper (scraps/ends would be perfect)
  • Pack 8.5×11 of construction paper, assorted colors
  • Leftover decoration items (ribbon, stickers, etc)
  • Pack of square origami paper
  • 2 large pieces of tagboard/posterboard, any color

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Speed vs. Power? Speed IS Power!

Have you ever seen “tension” moves in a form? They’re often slow, and the martial artist’s body vibrates as they execute them.

Sempai Jasmine at a demonstration. (Credit: Bec Thomas Photography, facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography)

Sempai Jasmine doing a “slow” move in a Karate form. Whats the difference between “slow” and “tension” moves? Read on to find out!!!


Have you ever wondered why they’re there?

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Announcing: Monday Night 6-7pm Class Added

This is just a quick note to let everyone know we’ve added a 6-7 pm class on Monday nights. Starting May 13, 2013 this class will be in session!

Stanwood Karate

NWSMA youth class in action!

PLEASE NOTE we are moving toward structuring classes based on age. See the calendar for details. This will not be a rigid policy; if you are only able to make a particular class because of schedule conflicts, just let us know. The change will mostly affect some older students, who we may be asking to attend later classes instead of earlier ones. :)

We are in the process of training our assistant instructors, so you may see them teaching full classes on their own. Learning to teach is a process, so please encourage your student to be patient with our assistants as they grow and develop their teaching skills. ALL black belts share a strong desire to help others become their best.

What is Open Floor?

We’re trying something new this month; you may have seen it on March’s calendar, “Arnis/Open Floor.” We’d like to do 1-2 of these classes every month if the first few work out.

Open floor sessions will take place during normal class hours on Saturdays, 10-11am, and everyone is welcome at them! Continue reading

Can my black belt help get me into college?

Highly recommended reading for our high school students:

Can my black belt help get me into college?

I thought this was a great, informative article. It’s an interview with an admissions officer about how they view martial arts as an extracurricular activity on college applications. Like any activity on an application, it’s crucial that you provide details about yourself, your training, and what your focus is (and why that’s important to you), in order to showcase the strength of your character.