NWSMA Campers Make Donation

nw school of martial arts

NWSMA campers with their donation at The Caring Place.

NW School of Martial Arts collected school supplies during its annual week-long summer camp. Summer campers walked the items over to The Caring Place in downtown Stanwood to make the donation. Students got a mini tour and talked to volunteers about what The Caring Place does for the local community.

As martial artists, we strive to reach our personal best AND to help others. Donating school supplies to those in need is a great way to make a difference! Thanks, everyone!

Sweating the Details, AKA Why Your Instructor is So Picky

Anyone who’s said, “Don’t sweat the details,” has probably never met any martial arts instructors.

martial arts instructors

Sensei checks a student’s posture in class.

Perfectionist martial arts instructors are common, especially in karate styles. (Don’t we know it!) They seem to love watching you sweat as you try again and again to get each little thing right. All at the same time.

If you’ve ever thought, “WHY are the details so important?” or “Does it really matter if I do it this way or that way?” then this article is for you. Continue reading

Weekly Update: 6/17-6/22

This week is on regular schedule, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. There is an upper belt private test happening on June 22, but it will not interfere with regular class. Good luck testers!

**IMPORTANT** June 29th just got cancelled for a Mason event. Please add this to your calendar right away!

The Sensational Spring Cleaning Sale is on with plenty of discounted goodies. Please fill out a survey regarding class times at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XGNR3Y8 if you haven’t already.

stanwood demo team

The demo team is locked in endless battle…

Demo at PSMS on Friday went well. Check out the complete album on Facebook.

August 12-16 will be summer camp. Details coming.

Reminder: Please do not play with your belt tails in class!

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Water Breaks & Why We Need Them

Summer is almost here, and the weather in the Pac Northwest is awesome!

Now that we’re seeing so many sunny days, I think it’s a brilliant time to remind everyone of the importance of being hydrated. Pun intended.


Make sure you stay hydrated when the weather looks like this!

The human body is anywhere from 60-75% water, depending on your age.

If you’re thirsty, you’re already partially dehydrated. Dehydration slows us down, both physically and mentally, and drains us of energy.

So how much should you drink every day and when?

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Weekly Update: 6/10-6/15

Wed, June 12 is cancelled as per normal (2nd Wed of every month is always cancelled). The rest of the week is on regular schedule, Mon, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. The Sensational Spring Cleaning Sale is on with plenty of discounted goodies.

Please fill out a survey regarding class times at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XGNR3Y8 if you haven’t already.

Demo at PSMS on FRIDAY. Thursday afternoon class will include dress rehearsal. Arrive at PSMS by 8am on Friday morning.

Reminder: When you see a new student in class, make sure to introduce yourself! Also be sure to welcome back to our errant black belts/college students who will be dropping by throughout the summer!

Summer Bingo has begun!

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Board Breaking Seminar **CANCELLED**

Board Breaking Seminar has been **CANCELLED** due to low turnout. It seems like a lot of you are busy, being the end of school and all, so we’ll reschedule it for a better time. :)

Those of you who have already paid for the seminar: We can issue you a refund OR you may apply the $20 towards your next month’s tuition. PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.

Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

SBN/Sensei’s Spring Sale & Sensational SURVEY

Please excuse the excessive alliteration. :) Here is the survey you’ve all been waiting for! Please give us your feedback regarding class times!

Click here to take survey

ALSO–SBN/Sensei Doris did a “Spring Cleaning” of her inventory, and the following items have been discounted and are for sale! First come, first served.

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Donation Wish List for Summer Camp 2013

We’re planning some awesome stuff for summer camp, and we need donations! We WILL accept lightly used/leftover items from at home, so clean out that junk drawer!

My giant bingo board in progress.

Take a look at the Wish List and see what you might have laying around unused. We’ll have a collection box in class. After camp is over, we intend to re-donate to a local classroom, charity, or youth group.

  • Bits of patterned wrapping paper (scraps/ends would be perfect)
  • Pack 8.5×11 of construction paper, assorted colors
  • Leftover decoration items (ribbon, stickers, etc)
  • Pack of square origami paper
  • 2 large pieces of tagboard/posterboard, any color

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Speed vs. Power? Speed IS Power!

Have you ever seen “tension” moves in a form? They’re often slow, and the martial artist’s body vibrates as they execute them.

Sempai Jasmine at a demonstration. (Credit: Bec Thomas Photography, facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography)

Sempai Jasmine doing a “slow” move in a Karate form. Whats the difference between “slow” and “tension” moves? Read on to find out!!!


Have you ever wondered why they’re there?

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