Donation Wish List for Summer Camp 2013

We’re planning some awesome stuff for summer camp, and we need donations! We WILL accept lightly used/leftover items from at home, so clean out that junk drawer!

My giant bingo board in progress.

Take a look at the Wish List and see what you might have laying around unused. We’ll have a collection box in class. After camp is over, we intend to re-donate to a local classroom, charity, or youth group.

  • Bits of patterned wrapping paper (scraps/ends would be perfect)
  • Pack 8.5×11 of construction paper, assorted colors
  • Leftover decoration items (ribbon, stickers, etc)
  • Pack of square origami paper
  • 2 large pieces of tagboard/posterboard, any color

  • 4 medium or large boxes of crayons
  • 5-10 prs. scissors
  • 5-10 gluesticks
  • Pack of toothpicks
  • Pack of pencils
  • 10 new foam noodles for noodle sparring
  • 50 blank cards (or cardstock to make cards)
  • Several packages of water balloons
  • 2 rolls of blue painters tape
  • Pack of sharpie markers

Camp dates will be announced once we have cleared them with the Masons, but tentatively, it is scheduled for the 2nd full week of August.

About Sensei/YDN Caitlin

Sensei Yudanjanim Caitlin is a 2nd degree black belt, senior instructor, administrative assistant, and student of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Arnis at Northwest School of Martial Arts.
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2 Responses to Donation Wish List for Summer Camp 2013

  1. Bec Thomas says:

    If you remind me once the kids are back from their grandfathers (I will forget between now and then) I have the poster board, wrapping papper (how much you want?), cardstock, 3 boxes of new crayons. I can probably pull out some decoration items from my crafting stuff also.

    • Sensei Yudanjanim says:

      Awesome! Thanks for reading the blog, and we’d appreciate the donations. As for wrapping paper, we don’t need a huge amount, ends and scraps would be perfect.

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