Weekly Update 5/27-6/1

Normal schedule all week, Mon-Sat. PIZZA NIGHT is Friday!! Come at 7 pm for all-you-can-eat pizza & pop. The cost is $5/person, and parents, siblings, etc are welcome to join us as well.

Congratulations to our newest red and yellow belts!

Upcoming in June:

  • June 1: Beginning of Summer Bingo!
  • June 1: Arnis Tournament at Pine Lake in Sammamish. See post for details. There will be regularly scheduled class at NWSMA.
  • June 8: Board Breaking Seminar at NWSMA with guest instructors from Overlake. See post details. There will be regularly scheduled class at NWSMA.
  • June 14: Demonstration team performing at Port Susan Middle School.
  • June 22: Private upper belt test after regular Saturday class.
Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

Photo Credit: Bec Thomas Photography facebook.com/BecThomasPhotography

Rule Reminder: Students may not wear jewelry to class, with the exception of post earrings, wedding rings, and medical bracelets for students with severe allergies. Student watches and cell phones must be silenced before class, unless you’re an adult student expecting a call from work.

Weekly Challenge: Hold every stance you know for 30 seconds, right and left, every day this week. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Now that the weather is nice, please wear or bring shoes you can run in, as we sometimes go outside for a jog or warm-up games.

We welcome feedback on our website and our teaching! Feel free to email us if you have a comment or question.

About Sensei/YDN Caitlin

Sensei Yudanjanim Caitlin is a 2nd degree black belt, senior instructor, administrative assistant, and student of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Arnis at Northwest School of Martial Arts.
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