Weekly Update: 2/11-2/16

Normal classes are Mon, Thurs, and Fri. Wed was cancelled, and we have had to cancel class Saturday as well. This was not originally on the calendar, so please be aware!

Remaining February cancellations: 13, **16**

Rule Reminder: Please do not allow students or siblings to play on the porches outside the Mason Hall. If you are on the sidelines, please make sure to keep your conversations quiet, so that the students taking class can hear their instructors.

Weekly Challenge: If you are planning to do form at the tournament, practice your primary AND backup forms each 5 times per day until the tournament.

Test Results: We have one new blue belt! Congratulations!

TMA tournament March 30th! If you register sooner, the registration fee will be lower; see Sensei for a sign-up sheet. The SBN Thomas Zoppi Championships will include forms competition, individual and team sparring, and school demonstrations. This event is organized by our TMA sister schools, and they do a great job of creating a welcoming, safe environment for friendly competition.

About Sensei/YDN Caitlin

Sensei Yudanjanim Caitlin is a 2nd degree black belt, senior instructor, administrative assistant, and student of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Arnis at Northwest School of Martial Arts.
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